If You Like It: Drink It

If you ever see yourself going to Reddit (which you probably shouldn’t) try and make your way over to /r/beer. This subreddit is home to many great beer-related articles, pictures, and the occasional group discussion. One discussion that piqued my interest recently was simply a question: “If you could only have three types of beer for the rest of your life, which three would it be?” Many people named their favorite IPAs or Stouts, some had obscure German Monk beers and even a few named their own home made beers. Every once in a while though someone would mention that they wanted to have Coors Light, Shock Top or other macro lagers. Some people on the subreddit had a real issue with picking such bad beer, but honestly why should they? If you like a beer, drink it.

My fridge at home is always a great place to find a good selection of craft beers. As I type this you can find some Ruthless Rye, Stone IPA, Ginger Cider and a huge collections of Costco’s Kirkland-branded craft beer. These Costco beers cost less than $20 for a 24-pack and all of them are just so delicious. They have nothing special about them apart from the price, but that is what I like about them. They are good beers for a cheap price and I would drink them any day of the week. The beer is good and I like it, so I will drink it.

Sooo good, and only 7 bucks for a 12-pack.

At my work I have a buddy who works the front drive as a valet. Whenever me and the other valets get to talking about craft beer and local breweries he just nods his head and listens. He does not throw much into the conversation because he does not drink a lot of craft beer. He is mostly a Natty Ice or Corona man. He told me the other day that he feels bad because he knows he should be drinking the “good stuff” but always gets the cheapest beer he can find. I asked him if he liked what he drank, to which he agreed. Then I told him: if you like it, drink it.

As fans of craft beers we can get so jaded and downright rude when it comes to non-craft brews. I myself was a huge offender of this, so much so that for months I refused to drink anything by AB InBev. My wife was kind enough to not bring it up, but I soon learned that my  “improved palate” was an excuse for me just turning into a huge douche. I was alienating my friends who did not share my passion, I made myself look (more) stupid in public and I was actually enjoying beer less. I just wish I had the power to take a step back and realize that if it tastes good I should drink it.

So good, and only $25 for a 12-pack!

While big beer companies are evil and try as hard as they can to take money away from the little guys, and they might be Satan and are probably in cahoots with EA, let us just put down the hate and pick up a pint glass. I love craft beer, I have it every day and it is the only reason I can be a respectable semi-alcoholic. My love of craft beer is 50% of this blog, its something I share with my wife and it is a love that will lead to future business endeavors. My love of beer though also extends to delicious ice-cold Shock Top and sushi, crappy Mickey’s grenades and a six pack of Michelob Ultra while playing 18 holes. I like beer, thus I drink it.

I know I am not perfect, nor do I have any right to a soap box, but we as beer drinkers need to broaden our horizons a little bit and re-learn to embrace the lesser beers. We should be open people, welcoming forces of love to those who do not share a passion for beers like we do. If someone you know only likes Miller, don’t force him to drink a Stone Pale Ale! Just be happy you have a friend to drink with! Beer is the world’s most amazing social lubricant and regardless of quality or origin we should just embrace and love it all the same. I will gladly raise my pint of Sculpin to my friend’s Tecate any day of the week. I drink Sculpin because it tastes good, you should drink what tastes good to you. We all need to stop being beer snobs and start being beer AWESOME.

Oh… and if you like it: DRINK IT!

Awesome like this tap selection.

One thought on “If You Like It: Drink It

  1. High and mighty with the Mich Ultra on the golf course, aren’t we? Some of us plebs bring a 6 of High Life because it’s just so damn crisp and refreshing.

    Seriously though, I couldn’t agree more with you. I may love a bottle or five of Dieu Du Ciel at home, but there’s no way I’m bringing that on a golf course or to a picnic. Mainly because my already high handicap would go up about 12 shots.

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