Unibroue La Fin du Monde: Abbey Normal

When I first started drinking craft beer I had a very limited palate which could not handle certain bigger brews. Beers like Alaskan Amber, Fat Tire and Sam Adams Boston Lager were perfect for me because they were drinkable but not too crazy. After a few months I tried beers like Red Nectar, Sierra Nevada…

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Colt 45 Malt Liquor: Something Something Something Dark Side

While many of my friends in high school started drinking before they were 18, I never found myself imbibing with them. I was a late bloomer in the drinking world and I completely skipped years of alcohol, specifically malt beverages. When you are young and broke a malt liquor is a great choice for getting drunk.…

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Sam Adams Rebel Rouser Double IPA: The New Hopness

Being a beer reviewer without a major publication backing my writing gives me a lot more freedom in saying whatever the hell I want to. This magical freedom comes with many positives (constant format change, no minimum word count, etc) and a few negatives here and there (I am doing this for free love). I truly…

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Iron Fist Dark Days Stout Aged in Rum Barrels

So last week I had this really nice review typed up for Sam Adams Cold Snap. The review was taught, informative and in my opinion rather funny. I feel it was one of the better reviews I have written, and with that being said of course it got deleted. I love that WordPress auto-save only…

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Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15

I remember being in high school and having my own room at home. I had my own bed, my own desk and everything on my side of the door belonged to me. My room was my space and I treated it however I wanted to. I was able to rather easily maintain a clean and…

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Stone Ruination IPA

It has been literally years since the last time I had Ruination and I honestly do not know why. Ruination was the first double IPA I ever tried and remember going to the Albertsons near my house and buying a sixer of Alaskan Amber and a four pack of Ruination. I sometimes miss how my…

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Kirkland Signature Light Beer.

It’s 105 Calories. It costs less than 50 cents a can. It tastes better than Bud Light and almost as good as Coors Light (yes there is a difference). Not up to Miller Light quality, but for the price I refuse to complain. What? Were you expecting more? Ok… um… its fizzy yellow crap and…

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Sierra Nevada Harvest Wild Hop IPA

Hops are a fun little  plant because they are just so finicky. In order to get the flavor you want out of a hop you need to ensure that the vine is part of a specific genus and must have very controlled growing standards. The smallest changes in the hop will make for a different…

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