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Welcome to BetterByYouAsking.com! Being a beer-lover has never been easier or more interesting. With thousands of breweries all over the world and new ones popping up daily, you will literally never run out of new beers to try! Three times a week we bring to you a new craft beer review from different breweries all over the world.  We are not experts, simply lovers of the art. It is important that you find what you love and do not let the opinions of others dissuade you from a favorite brew.

Every week we will also focus on a different brewpub or tap room in the San Diego area, as well as fun beer news, recipes and rants to provide you with as much entertainment and beer love as we can. If you have a beer you want to see reviewed just email us at betterbyyouasking@gmail.com.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Oh… and don’t forget to grab a beer.

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