A Quick Look at Pairing Craft Beer and Food

I find it funny when people laugh at my love for pairing beer and food. There is this idea in the heads of what seems like everyone that wine is a natural food companion and beer is simply… filler I guess. The thing about wine though is that many wines are simply one note: grapes.…

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Finch’s Beer Company Sobek & Set Black IPA

Special thanks to Reddit user u/StoutBoss for hand delivering this beer all the way from Alabama.¬† When I am drinking an IPA that I really like I sometimes find it difficult to savor. When the right balance of malt and hops hit my tongue and are followed by flavors of fruit, citrus, grass and many…

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Game Night: Red Faction Armageddon

Do you ever get one of those… urges? That deep dark need to destroy something? Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you got into an argument with your significant other (and it was your fault but you hate to admit it), or maybe you got into a car accident and your insurance…

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Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA

Thank you so much to Reddit user u/StoutBoss for this amazing beer donation, as well as the others you brought which we will be reviewing over the next few posts. I have had countless IPAs in my time and I have plenty of favorites. Beers like Torpedo, 90-Minute, Sculpin and others are just simply so…

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Weekly Watering Hole(s): Las Vegas

Oh boy a week off from writing and I already forgot most of the English language. Might be the alcohol poisoning I gave myself in Vegas. Regardless I am back and ready to wow you with phrases and sentences that have been crafted to make your brain happy. I spent the better part of a…

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Mind Rabble: What is Success?

Success is a funny idea, something that we all work towards but we all have different definitions for. Six years ago my idea of success was nailing the cute girl from high school and using my employee discount to get the new Modern Warfare. Four years ago my idea of success was being good at…

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Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA

Sierra Nevada (a favorite of mine) produces a nice range of seasonal beers that give each season something to look forward to. Ruthless Rye is a nice rye IPA to enjoy in the Spring, followed by Summerfest (which I am not terribly fond of) and Hoptimum (which I am extremely fond of) in the Summer,…

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Cider Sunday: Blackthorn

One of my favorite things in the world is yeast. While that sentence alone should ban me from any and all proper social gatherings, yeast is in fact one of the most amazing little creatures in the world. This magical animal (technically a fungus) has this beautiful ability to eat sugar and produce alcohol and…

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Game Night: Papo & Yo

In my gaming career I have had the fortune of playing many games that strive to be something more than just mindless entertainment. Games like Thomas Was Alone, To the Moon, The Walking Dead and to a lesser extent Goat Simulator all have attempted to use gaming as a medium to create art and tell…

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Where Was the Beer Review?

Sorry for a lack of yummy beer yesterday, cleaning house and organizing took precedent over beer consumption. We also played P.T. and were promptly terrified to the point of nearly sleeping with the lights on. What is P.T. you ask? Watch the video below: How are those pants? Join us tonight for Crafty Beer of…

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Mind Rabble: Best Beer Movie Moment

I was going to write about Robin Williams today but I really do not have anything to add to the conversation. It is really sad that he passed away and losing a part of my childhood is really hard. A lot of people are talking about the circumstances of his death and I just will…

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