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Cider Review: Ace Pumpkin Cider

When I was a kid I had this deep desire to be John McClane. I thought there would be nothing better than running around, saving people, killing bad guys and shooting off one-liners. There is something unbearably cool about a well timed one-liner and whether it be “Yippy-Ki-Yay…” or “Oh yea, now THATS the stuff!”…

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Weekly Watering Hole: The Glendale Tap

Hollywood is not a place that I visit very often but I might consider frequenting it more due to The Glendale Tap. Settled in a nice little urban area in Glendale (just outside of Hollywood) the Tap is a locals favorite offering more than 50 taps, dozens of bottles and plenty of good feelings to…

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Crazy Dreams and Unicorn Piss

So the last few days have been without posts and for that I apologize. Recently I have gone from a three day migraine to three day neck and shoulder pain and in between those I was in Hollywood at a Chvrches concert (yes they were good). I did get to go to a nice bar…

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Mmm… Beer Food

So last week we took a look at some food and beer pairings. This week lets take a look at a better way to pair suds and food: cooking with beer! Below are a few recipes stolen from better chefs (and bloggers) that I found particularly delicious: Chef John’s No Knead Beer Bread Beer bread…

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Stone Brewing Company 18th Anniversary IPA

I hate to say it but I rarely ever jump at a Stone Anniversary beer. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just never really got into the series early enough so I feel that they may have passed me by a little bit. Luckily my neighbor Brian decided to run out and buy…

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Game Night Quicky: To The Moon

Back when this blog was meant primarily for video games I found myself having the pleasure of playing a little game called To The Moon. This game was developed by a single person and is one of the most powerful games (in terms of storytelling) that I have ever played. Since this post is going…

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A Quick Look at Pairing Craft Beer and Food

I find it funny when people laugh at my love for pairing beer and food. There is this idea in the heads of what seems like everyone that wine is a natural food companion and beer is simply… filler I guess. The thing about wine though is that many wines are simply one note: grapes.…

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Finch’s Beer Company Sobek & Set Black IPA

Special thanks to Reddit user u/StoutBoss for hand delivering this beer all the way from Alabama.¬† When I am drinking an IPA that I really like I sometimes find it difficult to savor. When the right balance of malt and hops hit my tongue and are followed by flavors of fruit, citrus, grass and many…

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Game Night: Red Faction Armageddon

Do you ever get one of those… urges? That deep dark need to destroy something? Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you got into an argument with your significant other (and it was your fault but you hate to admit it), or maybe you got into a car accident and your insurance…

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Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA

Thank you so much to Reddit user u/StoutBoss for this amazing beer donation, as well as the others you brought which we will be reviewing over the next few posts. I have had countless IPAs in my time and I have plenty of favorites. Beers like Torpedo, 90-Minute, Sculpin and others are just simply so…

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Weekly Watering Hole(s): Las Vegas

Oh boy a week off from writing and I already forgot most of the English language. Might be the alcohol poisoning I gave myself in Vegas. Regardless I am back and ready to wow you with phrases and sentences that have been crafted to make your brain happy. I spent the better part of a…

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