Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15

I remember being in high school and having my own room at home. I had my own bed, my own desk and everything on my side of the door belonged to me. My room was my space and I treated it however I wanted to. I was able to rather easily maintain a clean and…

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Stone Ruination IPA

It has been literally years since the last time I had Ruination and I honestly do not know why. Ruination was the first double IPA I ever tried and remember going to the Albertsons near my house and buying a sixer of Alaskan Amber and a four pack of Ruination. I sometimes miss how my…

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Kirkland Signature Light Beer.

It’s 105 Calories. It costs less than 50 cents a can. It tastes better than Bud Light and almost as good as Coors Light (yes there is a difference). Not up to Miller Light quality, but for the price I refuse to complain. What? Were you expecting more? Ok… um… its fizzy yellow crap and…

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Sierra Nevada Harvest Wild Hop IPA

Hops are a fun little  plant because they are just so finicky. In order to get the flavor you want out of a hop you need to ensure that the vine is part of a specific genus and must have very controlled growing standards. The smallest changes in the hop will make for a different…

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Shock Top Shockolate Wheat Black and Tan

Ugh… I know Budweiser made a terrible Super Bowl commercial this year. Yes I know that there is a huge backlash and there is plenty to talk about. I simply do not feel my opinion really matters in this conversation. There are dozens of other beer reviewers who have already said what I feel and…

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Stella Artois Cidre

A while back when I was working at a brewery I went to a North County San Diego beer and wine event that was acting as the launch party for Stella Artois Cidre. I managed to snag quite a few tasters of the cider (and a few logo glasses) and while I was not super…

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Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

Sorry that is has been a while since my last post. 2015 started with a few new fun projects of mine, one of which was limiting the amount of alcohol that I was putting in to my system. With the release of this beer though I had to buy it and review it as soon…

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Sierra Nevada 2014 IPA Variety Pack

I always get excited when Sierra Nevada releases something new. There is something special about the old standby adding some color to their already vibrant beer selection. I tried the 4-Way IPA pack last year and it was good, if nothing too incredibly special (enough with the session IPAs people). This year though the pack…

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Mike Hess Chapter 2 & 3: Habitus and Grazias

So I decided to ask a few work friends what they thought of Mike Hess beers. All of them said they enjoyed what this San Diego brewer put out and they would gladly recommend him. I have come to the conclusion that my original statement of Mike Hess being controversial was incorrect. Mike Hess is…

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Sierra Nevada Celebration 2014

I do not know if I have expressed my mild enjoyment of Sierra Nevada enough recently so a review of one of their beers seems in order. A few years ago I was introduced to Celebration IPA by a co-worker who said it was one of his favorite things to look forward to in winter…

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30 Sips Through 30th Street

Green Flash and I have had a weird sort of relationship over the years. I love some of their beers and I really enjoy most everything else they make, but when people ask me about great North County beer I rarely every jump to announce Green Flash. I don’t really know what holds me back…

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Mike Hess Trilogy Chapter 1: Jucundus

Mike Hess is a pretty big name in San Diego and most everyone I have ever talked to about him carries rather strong opinions on him. Some call him a beer revolutionary while other call his brews trite, unoriginal and underwhelming. No one I have met who have tried Mike Hess beers have ever seemed…

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Dead Orcs and Live Dreams

Holy hell it has been a while since I wrote something here. Honestly I did not intend for so much time to pass but life has been… interesting to say the least. A little more than a month ago I was in a job that offered me no vertical movement and a dwindling source of…

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ACE Pumpkin label - clear.preview

Cider Review: Ace Pumpkin Cider

When I was a kid I had this deep desire to be John McClane. I thought there would be nothing better than running around, saving people, killing bad guys and shooting off one-liners. There is something unbearably cool about a well timed one-liner and whether it be “Yippy-Ki-Yay…” or “Oh yea, now THATS the stuff!”…

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