Game Night: Papo & Yo

In my gaming career I have had the fortune of playing many games that strive to be something more than just mindless entertainment. Games like Thomas Was Alone, To the Moon, The Walking Dead and to a lesser extent Goat Simulator all have attempted to use gaming as a medium to create art and tell…

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Where Was the Beer Review?

Sorry for a lack of yummy beer yesterday, cleaning house and organizing took precedent over beer consumption. We also played P.T. and were promptly terrified to the point of nearly sleeping with the lights on. What is P.T. you ask? Watch the video below: How are those pants? Join us tonight for Crafty Beer of…

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Mind Rabble: Best Beer Movie Moment

I was going to write about Robin Williams today but I really do not have anything to add to the conversation. It is really sad that he passed away and losing a part of my childhood is really hard. A lot of people are talking about the circumstances of his death and I just will…

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New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

If you are a lover of beer but find yourself on a budget, you need look no further than Costco to supply your needs. In most states Costco sells plenty of beer and other libations, usually ones from the local area. San Diego Costcos carry Stone, Sierra Nevada, Belching Beaver, Mission and many other amazing…

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Game Night: Mass Effect

When this blog originally started it was meant to purely review video games. For those of you not in the know there is a bit of PC software called Steam which acts as a sort of iTunes for video games. There are thousands of games available for purchase on Steam and with the convenience of…

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International IPA Day 2014

Did you know today was International IPA Day? To tell you the truth I was not very aware of this beloved holiday but thanks to Reddit and social media I learned about it a few hours ago. Since it is 8PM as of starting this article I have a bit of catching up to do. Luckily…

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Weekly Watering Hole: Red Robin Escondido

I need to start this post with a disclaimer: do not under any circumstance stop going to your local bars and brewpubs because of this place. Red Robin is a chain restaurant that only cares about extracting as much money from you as possible. They could not care less about a great beer selection or…

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A Response to “18 Overrated Beers”

Will Gordon, writer for The Concourse, recently posted an article called “18 Overrated Beers”. While I will agree that many beers get too much hype for too little quality, I thought I would take a shot at a few of his choices. Take a look at his full list here and then read on. Miller High…

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Kona Brewing Company Longboard Lager

Did you know it rained in San Diego over the weekend? It was amazing! Finally we had reduced humidity, free car washes and a little but of thunder and lightning. It really felt like summer was coming to a close which inspired me to grab a few final summer beers to enjoy while I waited…

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Cider Sunday

Beer lovers are living in a golden age of options these days. There are more craft brewers today than have ever been in the US and we are able to easily attain thousands of different brews from almost anywhere. As I have mentioned before cider is making a big push in the states and there…

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Coronado Brewing Company Sock Knocker IPA

I like the person I am married to. While I will not come out and say marriage is for everyone, I feel that marriage is an amazing thing to share with someone. Having someone at home who has similar passions and interests to me makes me feel that my love for beer is less obsessive…

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